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Thursday, 29 September 2022 15:22

Pallmann : Renovation with solvent-free products

Three employees of the company Rokett Berliner Holzböden renovated the 1,913 m² parquet area. Three employees of the company Rokett Berliner Holzböden renovated the 1,913 m² parquet area.

Wood floor in the Gropius Building shines in a raw wood look
In the Gropius Bau exhibition building in Berlin, almost 2,000 square metres of wood flooring were sanded and refurbished with the solvent-free products Eco Oil 1K and Pall-X Zero 2K. The company Rokett Berliner Holzböden was thus able to fulfil the client's wish and produce the raw wood look of the existing Douglas fir wood floor.

The Martin-Gropius-Bau was built at the end of the 19th century and has hosted many art exhibitions since then. Now it was time to refinish the Douglas fir wood floor. The previous oil impregnation of the plank flooring particularly emphasised the reddish wood components. The client now wanted the recessed colour of a raw wood floor for the existing Douglas fir wood floor.

The company Rokett Berliner Holzböden GmbH took on the historic building. "Of course, such a well-known object has a special attraction for us. At the same time, it was a challenge to tackle the area of almost 2000 m² with three wood floor layers. I am very proud that we managed to do this," says Managing Director Robert Mutschall. To meet the customer's requirements, the wood floor professional chose the primer Eco Oil 1K Pure and the sealer Pall-X Zero 2K. The two products not only give the desired raw wood look, but also ensure the best possible indoor air quality thanks to their solvent-free properties. Thus, the ecological aspect was also convincing for the client.

Sanding with Pallmann Cobra and Pallmann Spider
Due to the client's three predefined time windows between November 2021 and February 2022, the wood floor renovation had to be precisely planned logistically in advance and the individual work steps had to be coordinated. First, the employees of the Berlin wood floor company removed the previous oil layer from the 1,913 square metre area in two sanding passes using grit sizes K36 and K60 and the Pallmann Cobra wood floor sanding machine. This was followed by two more sanding passes of grit sizes K60 and K80 with the Pallmann Spider.

Priming and sealing with solvent-free products from Pallmann
After the four sanding passes, the wood floor was ready for a new primer coat. Here, the wood floor professional used the solvent-free roller oil Eco Oil 1K. Due to the special colour variant pure, the raw wood look was retained with this oil. The priming process was completed with two applications. In the last processing step, the wood floor surface was treated several times with the Pall-X Zero 2K sealing lacquer. Due to the special matt setting, the wood look of the Douglas fir was retained even in this work step. As this is a rather soft type of wood, three coats were necessary to prepare the floor for the many visitors and the associated heavy use. Before the last job, the wood floor was sanded with the Pallmann Spider and the Pallmann Power Pad K120.

The renovated wood floor lets works of art shine again
With the solvent-free sealant, the wood floor professional Rokett Berliner Holzböden succeeded in creating the desired homogeneous noble raw wood look. Thanks to the three applications of Pall-X Zero 2K, the wood floor in the highly frequented showroom is now ready for many more visitors. The use of solvent-free primer and sealer also ensures very good indoor air quality.