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Monday, 07 September 2020 10:11

Prinz expansion joint system 778 with exchangeable expansion joint strip

Expansion joint system 778 / up to 4 mm height Expansion joint system 778 / up to 4 mm height

When laying floor coverings, it is inevitable to bridge expansion or movement joints. According to DIN 18365, expansion joints must be taken from the subfloor into the top floor. With fully bonded floor coverings, expansion joint profiles are used that cover the joint, but at the same time do not restrict their freedom of movement. The joint material should be as elastic as possible.

In practice, expansion joint profiles with glued silicone joints are often used. But under tension, silicone can tear off from the profile. Silicone also tends to attract dust and dirt. The joint becomes shabby over time.

Prefabricated expansion joint profiles with a vulcanized EPDM material are of higher quality and technically much better. For construction heights of up to 6 mm, however, four different expansion joint profiles would have to be stored for each desired color.

With the new expansion joint system 778, Prinz is now taking a completely new path and offering the user flexibility, technical perfection and more design options. Unlike conventional expansion joint profiles, it is not preassembled, but is processed on site as required. It consists of a universal base profile and two matching expansion joint strips for flooring thicknesses of up to 4 mm and up to 6 mm.

The expansion joint strips are made of co-extruded hard and soft PVC. The rigid PVC substructure guarantees secure, permanent anchoring in the base profile. The upper part made of soft PVC ensures the necessary elasticity for upsetting and stretching movements. Tensions from the substrate are absorbed without the expansion joint strip tearing or detaching from the profile.

The surface of the expansion joint strips is flat and largely prevents buildup, abrasion or dirt. Thanks to the innovative clip technology, the expansion joint strip can be easily replaced if necessary.

To repair damaged or heavily soiled joint materials,with concentional expansion joint profiles it is necessary to either remove the entire profile and floor covering at great expense, or to remove the expansion material from the installed profile cleanly and to insert suitable new joint material at considerable effort. There is also a risk that the joint material will collapse or the surface will not be pulled off smoothly. With the new 778 expansion joint system, the joint can be replaced quickly and easily.

Four different colors are currently available from stock. Object colors for an individual design are possible.