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Thursday, 06 February 2020 13:16

HARO expands the DISANO range in 2020

Demand for healthy living floor coverings in the interior design market continues to grow. With the new DISANO range for 2020, HARO remains ahead of the pack in this area and is writing the next chapter in its DISANO success story.

Rosenheim – The popularity of DISANO continues to expand. A recent survey found that healthy living design floors are not yet widely used in many European countries. But the issue of healthy living is becoming an increasingly important sales argument in neighbouring countries. As a result, demand for HARO’s healthy living design floors from HARO is climbing. Unlike vinyl, or to be more precise, PVC floors, they are completely free of PVC and harmful plasticisers. They have been awarded the German environmental seal Blue Angel as a result.

Simple sales and consistent moisture resistance

The premium segment of DISANO Saphir, DISANO Classic Aqua and DISANO Project comes in 21 style varieties. Fifteen styles are identical, that is, they are available for the Saphir, Classic Aqua and Project versions. Twelve are wood styles, and three are stone styles. In taking this step, HARO has systematically built on its past “8/3 sales strategy” and expanded it into a “15/3 sales strategy”. Fifteen identical styles in three different series: This facilitates easy sales in retail and the uncomplicated handling of DISANO products to satisfy virtually every living-related wish that a customer may have.  

In the entry-level segment, HARO has upgraded the DISANO series SmartAqua and LifeAqua.

Six additional wood styles have been added to DISANO SmartAqua, boosting their total from 10 to 16. All of the styles complement the six styles offered by the well-established Piazza collection and now provide retailers with a selection of 22 items.

Through the addition of the water-resistance feature, the large format DISANO Life has been fundamentally and significantly upgraded. It now comprises 16 wood styles that are all identical to the DISANO SmartAqua range (“16/2 sales strategy”). In the entry-level segment, retailers can draw on the following 10 quality components for the healthy living design floor DISANO:

  • Moisture resistance with the AquaReject – coreboard (Rigid Core)
  • Soft, Silent Sense surface
  • Long plank format (for DISANO LifeAqua)
  • Short plank format (for DISANO SmartAqua)
  • TOP Connect installation system
  • Bevelled edges on four sides (micro bevelled edges for SmartAqua)
  • Rigid Core coreboard
  • Variable installation height of 8 mm (LifeAqua) or 6.5 mm (SmartAqua)
  • Cork insulation underlay for optimised noise insulation
  • HydroResist barrier against moisture arising from screed

HARO’s “easy selling” concept applies to both the premium and entry-level segment: While searching for their dream design floor, HARO customers quickly gain their bearings thanks to the clear breakdown into the four colour worlds of white, nature, brown and grey .

An overview of the new DISANO range

Spotlight: HARO has enhanced its DISANO range with many new styles, new stone styles in a tile format, simple sales strategies (15/3 or 16/2) and consistent moisture resistance.

Formats: Large-format Plank 1-Strip and tile formats as short boards

Moisture resistance: waterproof, water protection – approval for use in such wet rooms as home bathrooms

Surface textures: textured, authentic, rustic textured

Colours: White, nature, brown and grey, tile formats with the look of stone

Construction: thicknesses of 2 mm, 4.5 mm, 6.3 mm, 8.0 mm and 9.3 mm

Installation: Top Connect, floating or glued-downed installation in wet areas

USP: Healthy living at its best: DISANO is completely free of PVC and harmful plasticisers, has been awarded the environmental seal Blauer Engel and the ECO seal for healthy living.